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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Erosion in Action at Attabad (video available)

Photos of the situation at Attabad on June 7 (left) and June 8 (right).  The rate of erosion of the spillway has diminished during the past week as flow out of the lake now equals flow into the lake.  However, the melt season has not yet begun and discharges will have to increase over the summer.  Apparently authorities are contemplating whether or not to dynamite the region at the top where a large boulder constricts the flow.  Such a move would be very controversial and potentially dangerous, with the possibility of triggering more landslides in this area very real.  One hazard now is that a landslide into the lake will cause overtopping of the spillway and rapid erosion.

There is a new video of the river cutting through the landslide at Attabad.

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