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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Record for Mentos-Diet Coke Geyser Eruptions

For the past two years there has been a craze amongst students to set world records for eruptions caused by mixing Mentos (mints) and Diet Coke.  On June 6(?), a new world record was set by students at Changchun University. Clothed in blue raincoats (provided by their University!), they set off 2,175 simultaneous eruptions, shattering the two-year old record of 1,360 set by students in Belgium.  (I may not have the previous record correct.)

The geyser eruptions are triggered when Mentos are dropped into the Diet Coke.  The rough surface of the Mentos triggers nucleation and growth of bubbles of carbon dioxide (CO2), and the expansion of the gas drives the foamy mess out of the Coke bottle.  Diet Coke is the preferred beverage because it's not as sticky as the other options when it sprays all over the place!


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markson said...

Wow! What an eye opener this post has been for me. Very much appreciated, bookmarked, I can’t wait for more! Jenny